Rolling Garden Sifter

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 A few customers testimonials

Fast shipping!! Exactly what I needed to save my back from sorting rocks & dirt!


This is a great sifter and a great deal!! I will definitely buy again if needed.


Simple, very effective. Luv it


Wonderful product. It really works great!


Great item.....Thanks

Gritty pretty

I had this customized for my wheelbarrow, and it fits perfectly.


Fast,efficient little sifter. Much, much faster and easier than sifting with hand shaking sifter. Very nice results with compost.

All reviews can be seen on eBay under Rolling garden sifter!

Cheryl Smyth

Cheryl Smyth BSN,RN

Sifter designer/inventor


So this is how it began, I am a single mother and at one time I wanted to make extra money. I Iive in a town that is a fishermen paradise and I thought I could sell worms. So my father sponsored the project and my son and brother built me a cider block worm bed that is 50 ft x 4 ft. 10 years ago. That adventure turn into me learning about composting worms. It was very intriguing to me. That lead me into  getting my license for landscape horticulturist in the state of Louisiana, where I do organic lawn care.. Selling worms was to much work for me and I wanted my worms and worm casting for planting plants. So I got on line and found a sifter made with bicycle wheel rims which I made and used a lot .Sifting worm casting for any suburban home dweller is difficult. That got me thinking there was a need for a compact worm casting and compost wheelbarrow sifter, because I wanted to encourage people to have a compost pile and worm bed but they needed also to be able to sift. I have worked the past 5 years designing the sifters and will continue to improve them. All my friends say if you want to get Cheryl talking just mention worms. All my friends and clients say I have a gift with plants. But my passion is composting with worms. I enjoyed my new found interest in composting so much I study for my horticultural landscaping state license, and passed!

Thank you for your interest and keep earthkeeping!

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